Guest Wi-Fi Protection

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Guest Wi-Fi is a boon to visitors and sometimes employees with BYOD devices which are not allowed on the corporate LAN.

Meeting the consequential requirements of a duty of care need not be a major challenge, nor that expensive.

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Benefits of Guest Wi-Fi Security

Offering open public Wi-Fi access – whether to your visitors, customers, volunteers or employees – is increasingly an expected part of running your business, but it brings some challenges if you want to meet compliance requirements, protect staff, visitors, your organisation and brand.

Key Benefits Delivered by Guest Wi-Fi Cloud Security:

  • Keeps pornographic and other inappropriate content out of your facilities, protecting your organisation from legal liability
  • Keeps your guests from being infected by malware or targeted by cyber attacks
  • Stops accidental or purposeful leaking of your intellectual property
  • Helps you comply with government regulations, such as US and EU privacy laws, the Child Internet Protection Act, HIPAA and the GLBA
  • Highly reliable, automated and cost-effective
  • Fast and easy - can deploy in minutes

With cloud Guest Wi-Fi Protection, all your guest Wi-Fi traffic - from users and IP-enabled devices - is always covered. Because traffic is routed intelligently, with suspicious traffic being sent to the full security platform for detailed analysis, you are protected against advanced persistent threats (APTs), cross-site scripting, and a range of other complex attacks. All this is transparent to the user and requires no additional software/ hardware or intervention from the IT administrator.

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Safe, Compliant Guest Wi-Fi

Preventing your guests from accessing parts of the Internet that violate your organisational policy or ethics. No one wants the guest Wi-Fi connection to be used to view pornographic or other inappropriate content – which can be offensive to your staff and other visitors. Many industries have additional regulatory requirements, for example schools, while financial institutions and healthcare providers must protect customer and patient information.

You also don’t want your visitors downloading copyrighted movies from your Internet connection, exposing your organisation to infringement claims.

You should also be concerned about data leakage (DLP). You may have locked down your corporate network, but you are probably unable to stop your employees or contractors from connecting to your guest Wi-Fi. In a world where it only takes one or two clicks to send your intellectual property or confidential customer information out to the Internet, you may find it important to implement data leakage protection on your guest Wi-Fi systems.

And finally, you also need to provide security to your guests when they are accessing your Internet connection. You don’t want them to be infected by malware or subjected to other cyber-attacks when they are using your guest Wi-Fi. Such an infection could not only tarnish the corporate brand, but could potentially also be a Trojan that leads to an attack on your corporate network.

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Cloud Guest Wi-Fi Protection

Robust, fully-automated, and highly cost-effective guest Wi-Fi security and compliance enabled by combining the simplicity of a DNS based security service with the power of in-line scanning and the security intelligence gleaned from a global security platform.

Real-time analytics help you detect, block and mitigate potential liabilities and threats on your guest Wi-Fi.

All you need to do is choose your protection and compliance policies in the cloud’s administrative console, and then configure your guest Wi-Fi hotspots to direct your visitors to use the secure DNS infrastructure. That’s it. From then on, all devices that connect to your guest Wi-Fi – including laptops, tablets, smart phones and all other Internet enabled devices will automatically have their traffic routed through and protected by the Security as a Service platform.

It really is that simple.

Whether you have a handful of guest Wi-Fi hotspots or tens of thousands of global locations, Cloud guest Wi-Fi protection is incredibly cost-effective, reliable and fast and easy to get started.

The reporting portal give visibility into the state of your network, showing usage patterns across locations, drill down to view traffic at the site level or even use search queries to get the data you need.

Real-time Traffic Visibility and Reporting

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