The Cloud And Mobility Trend Is Unstoppable

Where Are You On The Curve?

Common questions organisations should understand include:

  • Is the cloud and mobility trend universally applicable? Absolutely not.
  • Do most organisations have more cloud and mobile services than they know about? Absolutely yes.
  • Are these blind spots compliant and secure? Almost certainly not.
  • Would most organisations benefit from embracing cloud and mobility? Probably, yes.

We help organisations answer these questions for their particular environment and if appropriate, devise a path to a better service for end users while protecting the organisation and its data.


Security Versus Usability

Regardless of whether an organisation allows departments and users free rein, or IT locks down a centralised service, the challenge is working out how to provide the best, most functional service to users while protecting the organisations data and intellectual property.


Mobile and Distributed

The model of servers behind the corporate firewall and centralised internet access through remote VPN connections doesn’t scale to the modern demands or user experience expectations for a mobile and distributed workforce.


Our Solutions

We have both point solutions to solve strategic concerns and fully integrated solutions for optimal user experience along with adequate data protection.

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