From Shadow IT to Visibility and Enablement

The cloud is transforming the way business is done. But what about the privacy, security and governance of your company’s data? Skyhigh Networks' cloud security software helps businesses discover the services employees are using, analyse risk, and enforce security policies, helping IT securely enable the cloud services that drive productivity and innovation in their business.

Discover cloud applications

Skyhigh Discover

Gain complete visibility into all cloud services in use and an objective risk assessment across data, business, and legal risk

Skyhigh discovers all cloud services in use across the organization and provides a rating of enterprise readiness for each service, so you can assess your cloud risk, and actionable insights into miscategorised services that go unnoticed by firewalls or proxies and helps you accurately enforce your egress policies.

Analyse your cloud application risk exposure

Skyhigh Analyse

Identify security breaches and insider threats, analyse usage patterns to understand demand for cloud services, consolidate subscriptions

Skyhigh detects anomalous activity indicative of a security breach or insider threat, enabling you to respond immediately to potential incidents. With visibility into cloud service utilisation, informed decisions can be made about service provision, alternative service options and cloud service redundancy.

Cloud encryption

Skyhigh Secure

Seamlessly enforce security policies including encryption, data loss prevention, and coarse and granular access control

With Skyhigh, you can encrypt data in cloud services and maintain control of encryption keys, minimizing exposure to security breaches, extends encryption and DLP policies to the cloud, maintaining compliance with PCI DSS, HIPAA, GLBA, Sarbanes-Oxley, and EU Data Protection regulations.

Data Loss Prevention Padlock

Skyhigh CloudDLP™

Protect sensitive data by seamlessly performing content-aware inspection in real-time as data moves from premise to cloud.

Also performs offline inspection of corporate data stored in the cloud for compliance, integrating with leading on-premise solutions including Symantec Data Loss Prevention, EMC RSA Data Loss Prevention, and Websense Data Security so you can leverage existing investments. Users can unlock the benefits of cloud without worrying about violating their data governance requirements.

Skyhigh cloud risk dashboard

Skyhigh CloudRisk Dashboard

Enables organisations to understand and minimise the risk of cloud service usage through a single pane of glass

The Skyhigh CloudRisk Dashboard provides a consolidated view of all risk related to cloud usage. CIOs and CISOs can understand drivers of risk, benchmark their organisation’s CloudRisk Score, track risk over time, and take action to reduce risk. Delivering a unique 1-10 CloudRisk Score derived from service, user, and data risk.

Mobile direct to cloud

Skyhigh Direct to Cloud

Skyhigh enables secure mobile access to approved cloud services without agents or footprint on the device, changes to the service provider, or friction to the end user.

With Skyhigh Contextual Access Control you can enable access to approved cloud services based on user and device. Free your users to use any device, any OS with device and operating system agnostic mobile security solution, allowing users the freedom to upgrade to new mobile OS versions without compromising data security.