Mobility - cloud - security

Solution Centre focusses on solving real business problems. We are lucky to work with some innovative manufacturers who create some products which offer some stunning, game changing functionality.

Listed on these pages are some of our favourite products which we integrate to help us produce solutions that mean business.

Simple as starting the cloud


In the same way that PCs largely took over from mainframes, the distributed, mobile worker is taking over from the desktop PC and landline user.

Cloud and mobility have potential to change to rules, but typically organisations struggle with:

  • Are they right for our organisation?
  • How to adopt them in a way that doesn’t open the organisation to undue risk?
  • Which acronym of ownership should we go with?
  • How can we enable legacy applications on mobile devices without huge rewrites?
  • How do we improve the user experience to get closer to their personal application usage?
  • How do we with cope with the lack of visual security cues on a small screen device?
  • How do we stop “files everywhere” with the resultant sync and security concerns?
  • How do we know what cloud services departments have bought from their revenue budget?
  • How do we stop the helpdesk getting swamped with password reset requests for the myriad new services?
  • How can we control malware and browsing for users without backhauling everything over a VPN to head office?
  • How can we ensure data that goes to public cloud services is encrypted using our key and meets our DLP standards?

What is right for our organisation?

Can we integrate with our environment?

That’s where we come in, please ask for a no obligation consultation.