Enterprise-grade identity & mobility management for all your apps, users & devices

Apps everywhere can be a user nightmare with multiple credentials to remember. They can also be a security nightmare and massive operational burden to ensure effective provisioning and deprovisioning. Okta solves these and other issues for on premise, cloud and mobile applications. Multi-factor authentication integration and users often not even needing to know their credentials, adds further layers of security. Seamless Active Directory integration and self-service administration further reduce the management burden.

Okta single sign on SSO

Single sign-on that just works

Single sign-on (SSO) to all your apps in the cloud or on-prem, from any device. Okta works behind the scenes so your users can always get into their apps.

The easiest way today to authenticate and manage users in the cloud, based on AD. Delegate authentication. Synchronize profiles in real-time. Use the AD security groups you already have. Centrally configured with automatic failover and no firewall changes.

Okta on mobile devices mobile sso

Mobile Web

The Okta Mobile App for iOS and Android keeps employees productive on the go with complete single sign-on to mobile web applications in a mobile-friendly format.

Once users have logged in to Okta Mobile, any web application is just one tap away, and opens in Okta Mobile’s embedded browser. All of the apps that users access on their desktop are always available through Okta Mobile as well.

HR driven enployee onboarding

HR Driven Provisioning

Faster, mistake free on-boarding with automated provisioning of Active Directory and cloud apps driven by your HR system.

Any change in employee status - including interview, start-date, transfer and termination – is updated in your IT systems in lockstep, removing the need to enter the same data in multiple systems and slashing IT support costs.

partner and employee single sign on

Partners Are Your People Too

Treat your partners as you treat your employees and collaborate efficiently. Now you can scale your business and (finally) enable a truly extended enterprise.

With Okta organisations can quickly and easily automate all customer and partner user management functionality and provide customers and partners with a seamless experience, all with a 100-percent on-demand, secure, highly available service.

cross domain single sign on

Apps Across Multiple Domains

Newly acquired companies or subsidiaries come with their own domains. You want everyone to have access to the apps they want, while driving IT efficiencies. Don’t let complex directory architectures slow you down.

Instantly connect all new employees to the parent company’s applications. Completely avoid complex directory consolidation projects, or instantly offer the needed applications to the right people while you consolidate directories over time.

Okta multi-factor authentication

Multifactor Authentication

Okta's multifactor authentication options are secure and easy to use - no longer does IT need to sacrifice convenience to achieve security.

IT gets another win by providing a security solution that employees actually like to use. Or integrate your existing MFA leveraging the extensible to Third-Party Multifactor Authentication Solutions

For Corporate IT

One place for IT management of applicatiosn and mobile devices

Centrally manage people, devices and access to web and mobile apps, for better security and efficiency.

  • One place to manage access and policy from the browser to the mobile device.
  • Secure corporate data on mobile devices
  • Enforce passcode policy
  • Control data sharing between applications
  • Selectively remove corporate data and accounts
  • Fully erase a lost or stolen device.
  • Define access policy based on both the user identity and the device posture
  • Prevent access to sensitive information from unauthorised devices

For End Users

One place for mobile users for corporate mobile and web apps

Bring your own device, or use a corporate one, without giving up productivity or privacy.

  • Work your way
  • Use any device
  • Work better with native applications and clients
  • Personal data is private
  • One place to go for all corporate apps, web or native.
    • Email, calendar, and contacts are configured automatically
    • Single sign-on to mobile apps with Okta Mobile Connect
    • Single sign-on to web apps