Mobile Content Enablement

Is that important file in Box, Dropbox, Windows file share, SharePoint, or....? Is it the latest version? Instead of searching have bigtincan securely delivered the right content to the right users at the right time and location – on any mobile device, no matter in which repository the content is stored.

bigtincan mobility services

Push Content to Users

bigtincan provides a single unified solution that securely delivers the right content to the right users at the right time and location – on any mobile device.

bigtincan automates business processes on mobile devices, setting a new standard for what can be accomplished on these devices. bigtincan provides intelligent insight into user interactions, utilisation and the value of content while enabling knowledge and expertise to be shared across teams

bigtincan user productivity improvement

Increase User Productivity

bigtincan enables users to work more effectively on any mobile device by providing secure access to all types of content that’s delivered for an amazing user experience.

With bigtincan, organisations have the ability to rapidly enable business mobility. Organisations can transact business more effectively through mobile devices and make their mobile workforces more productive. bigtincan has revolutionised the type of business that can now be done on a mobile device.


Content Security

Advanced encryption gives ecurity compliance with key regulatory initiatives including SOX, PCI, HIPAA, FISMA and more.

Remote content wipe provides complete remote content wipe for the BYOD user. Location based content control — stop users taking content to places that they shouldn’t. Works with device side security containers from providers like Good, Mocana, Citrix and more.

bigtincan contentiq


An innovative content scoring system that highlights and prioritises content – saving mobile workers significant time while ensuring that the most relevant content is read first, while providing content producers and field enablement teams with insight into the content that is utilised most often across the entire mobile workforce.

bigtincan view create share annotate

View, Create, Edit, Annotate, Share

Powerful document management functionality that empowers tablet users to directly create, edit, mark-up and organise nearly any type of content including Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, videos, podcasts and more.

bigtincan integration


Integration to a wide range of external third party systems, including Microsoft SharePoint and Outlook, SAP,, enterprise content management systems and cloud file sync and share systems.

Integrated Cloud Content

Access multiple cloud file “sync and share” systems including:

  • View, import and manage content from these systems
  • Publish individual, multiple or mix of content from each service to a single bigtincan Story
  • Get access to all the bigtincan hub features by adding the content to a hub Story
  • Ability to access bigtincan controlled sharing
  • Run video chat sessions live over a document
  • And more...

cloud storage
Left to their own devices, users were creating their own “shadow infrastructure for sharing business information. Rather than invest time and resources in a futile effort to prevent this behaviour, it makes more sense to give them a solution that can be supported and controlled”

Information Security Officer, EMEA-based manufacturer
quoted by Aberdeen Research “Beyond Dropbox” report.

Content Display Services

While today’s mobile smartphones and tables are getting more and more powerful, they often don’t allow PC style content (Flash video, Microsoft Project and Visio and other apps) to display on mobile devices. Bigtincan Content Services provide the ability to display or render an extensive range of content types on mobile devices.

bigtincan hub

Secure, Intelligent & Social – these are three defining characteristics of the engaged enterprise. bigtincan hub uncovers the hidden value in the content the workplace produces every day.<html5

Locally rendered HTML5 based apps and other web content delivered to bigtincan hub to be able to access the native capabilities of hub.

Content display services provide the ability to display or render an extensive range of content types (Flash video, Microsoft Project and Visio and other apps) directly on the mobile device.

bigtincan hub for Box

By leveraging the integration between Box and bigtincan hub, your organisation can measurably improve productivity, add rich media, leverage social intelligence and unlock the potential of enterprise mobility.

The combined solutions allow organisations to expand the reach of its content, add location based controls, rich media interaction for file formats like PowerPoint, Microsoft Visio Microsoft Project and many more… all while increasing overall security and auditability.

With Box’s world-class collaboration capabilities and bigtincan hub’s mobile productivity platform, customers can finally realise the promise of mobile computing!

bigtincan hub for SharePoint

bigtincan for Microsoft SharePoint provides an integrated mobile solution that securely distributes and organises content for the end user to understand, interact, and share in a way that realises the value of the mobile device.

Now bigtincan hub lets you transparently integrate and even sync content from SharePoint to your mobile devices in an easy and powerful way, instantly and securely.