client Testimonials

Solution Centre - Solutions That Mean Business

Solution Centre is lucky to have some fantastic clients who have let us undertake some really interesting consultancy and integration challenges.

Below are some of their kind comments.

Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council

The thing with Solution Centre is they always come up with good ideas and no matter how much effort is required, you know they will see a project to a successful conclusion.

Terry Finch
ICT System & Infrastructure Manager
Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council



Cardiff County Council

I hold you in the highest respect, you manage to do things other suppliers cannot do.

Crispin O'Connell
Chief ICT Officer
Cardiff County Council



Bank of England

The team and I have met to discuss all suppliers' performance over the last three months and I thought you should be aware of the comments re Solution Centre.

polite, friendly and helpful service
good technical knowledge
actively offers alternative products/solutions
ability to source most products at good prices
Overall a good performance. Thank you and your team for all the hard work.

Chico Barros
Senior Buyer
Bank of England



Taylor and Francis

Our Editorial manager came to me saying, "we keep losing these CD's with our digitized front list on.... some of these books cost upwards of £6,000 to digitize, surely there's a better way of keeping them?....". I simply phoned Solution Centre they came up with a 3TB virtualised disk array system that integrated with our existing SAN, they even provided a CD jukebox, so we could copy the CD's to the disk... The cost of replacing our digital archive £3million, the cost of the solution to protect it <£50k...BRILLIANT ! /p>

Paul Messer
Global Network Manager
Taylor & Francis Group PLC



Newcastle University

One of the reasons you won the tender was, unlike everybody else you listened to what we were saying and you offered what we wanted, not what you thought we should want.

Dr TJ Ratcliffe
Assistant Director
Newcastle University




Solution Centre has been supporting our infrastructure for over three years now and ensured that our network plus associated systems including the Exchange email server functioned reliably. If any issues did occur technical support was always available who proved to be very helpful and addressed the problem rapidly ensuring the downtime was at a minimum.

Charles Blackwood
UK General Manager



Global Healthcare Company

Our VMware virtualisation implementation, with the help of Solution Centre, gives us a simple to manage, flexible and resilient infrastructure. We now have much better asset utilisation with reduced hardware costs and power consumption, with proportionate reductions in CO2 emissions. We reduced our CO2 emissions and water use by 15% in 2008 and the green agenda is powerful, but in this case we accrued other significant business benefits for the organisation.

UK IT Infrastructure Manager
Global Healthcare Company