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The macro trends of mobility and cloud can bring huge productivity, responsiveness and flexibility boosts to organisations. 

Increasingly people spend more time outside the traditional head office, which is a challenge for conventional IT models.

We help CIOs and IT Managers retain or recover controls and integrate myriad services outside the firewall, while accruing the benefits the new flexibility and shift to OPEX can bring the organisation.

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Mobility Enablement

A mobile, always connected workforce sounds great, but giving them the right applications and the right data on the right device at the right time and safely, is a challenge, but staff morale and effectiveness flexibility makes it worth doing right. Read More >>

Journey to cloud adoption

Journey To The Cloud

Clouds are not just AWS and a few well known SaaS apps. There are myriad clouds and most organisations use far more than they realise, however leveraging clouds can bring huge flexibility and budget shifting business benefits. Read More >>


Security As A Service

Security-as-a-service cloud platforms enable simple adoption of hugely powerful services, where you can get instant benefit from the vast amount of traffic they handle and the consequent problems they address.

Identity and access management

Provision & Identity

Provisioning and providing identity and access management to employees, partners and customers to an array of services, including mobile applications, inside and outside the firewall, really need not be too daunting.